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Let’s talk Family Photo Sessions! My family photo albums have always been something I’ve treasured. However, we didn’t have a single professional family photo shoot when I was growing up. In my family albums, every single beautiful photo I have was taken in a candid moment by one of us. This is *almost* ideal when I think about how I want to remember my family and life’s moments through photos. The only thing lacking is more photos of all of us having fun together.

My love for these captured moments has shaped the way I photograph families. I believe that happy smiles are always better when they’re plastered on the faces of people actually having fun! When I photograph your family, my aim is to capture all the little quirks and expressions and relationships within it that make it unique.

Do we have to pose?

We’ll always try to get that one photo where everyone smiles at the camera. It might be perfect or imperfect, but I don’t really aim to capture perfect. I think what will become important to you and your kids in 20 years are images from your family photo sessions that visually show the connections between you all. Giggly laughs, a smile that means trouble, a tiny little hand holding your finger. Things that change and disappear as kids grow but can exist in photos forever. I want to capture connection and warmth, fun and play. Things like searching for crabs in rock pools, building sandcastles and stomping in puddles. Moments where your kids run to each other for a big squishy hug (or to tackle each other to the ground)!

If this sounds like the type of family photo session that you think would best preserve your family memories, get in touch! Scroll down to see more information on my session costs.


To book a date and time for your family photos, a SESSION FEE must be paid. It is non-refundable in the event of cancellation but can be transferred to another date/time within 3 months of the original date booked. This session fee does not include any images - images are to be purchased separately once your gallery is made available 2-3 weeks after the session takes place.




1hr weekday sunset* session on location

Travel from Glass House Mountains to Mooloolaba

Max 6 people/1 nuclear family

Online viewing gallery of all final edited images watermarked (approx. 150-200)





Weekend/Public Holiday session (Sat/Sun/public hols) - $110 extra due on booking

Extended Family Session Upgrade (6-20 people): $110 extra due on booking




Images are not included in your session fee. Once your viewing gallery is ready you can purchase your images from the gallery directly as per the pricing and packages below.


1 Digital Image: $55

25 Digital Images: $550

50 Digital Images: $770

100 Digital Images: $880

Full Gallery of all images (150-200): $1100




*My family sessions take place outdoors whenever possible, and I always recommend that the last hour of light before sunset is the best time of day for your session to take place in order to get the natural lighting and look of the images that I produce!


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  • Prepare them for fun! I know sunset can be a tricky time of day for little ones, usually they're having dinner and winding down for bed/night routines, but building up excitement for the shoot instead of giving lots of directives (pay attention to Emma, do what you're told etc) can really help out! If they feel like it's a chore they are way more likely to get bored and frustrated and not want to engage. If they've been prepared to go out to play and have fun with a new friend on the beach who is going to take some cool photos of us, it's usually a really good step towards getting them onside from the get go!
  • BRING SNACKS! Hangry kids can usually be brought back from the brink with a quick snack, and sunset sessions are always right around dinner time, so little snack (not too messy and nothing that will stain) can help out! And wet wipes for dirty hands and mouths!
  • If you are including your dog and they don't have great recall, bring an extra set of hands to take them for short walks or keep them constrained while we get photos in between their glamour shots - also bring treats!
  • Comfy clothes are important! And a change of clothes/towel is always handy in case of mud/dirt/waves being irresistible!
  • Let me know in advance if you have a family member with extra or different needs, and if there is something I can do personally to facilitate a smoother shoot I would love to know! This can range from mobility restrictions to just how I speak or engage with your loved one to make them more comfortable - you know them better than me so I'm always keen to do my best to make them enjoy the session!
  • Most of all, let go of any specific expectations and try to enjoy every one of those 60 minutes that we spend capturing memories however it plays out!



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