Wedding Photography


As a wedding photographer my goal is to create moment-rich collections of imagery from a day where you have all of your best people in the same space. I'm not so much about all the 'things', I love pretty flowers and candlelit rooms but mostly I have always loved to people watch, and this has transferred so perfectly to photographing people and all the small interactions and gestures that flow between them on a wedding day.


With all of my wedding packages you will receive me on the day and my experience and knowledge, unlimited images supplied in an online gallery, and hopefully some laughs!


Starting in 2023 I will be only taking 15 weddings per year.

After 14 years of shooting weddings most weekends, I've chosen balance, and this works well all around because I can be sure to provide all of my couples with my best work and utmost attention and care! I'm a bit of a control freak about doing everything myself, and making sure all the elements of my service and products are just how I like them so this is the best way to continue doing that!


My love runs deep for smaller weddings, whether it's an elaborate micro wedding with 20 people, or just the two of you on a hill eloping with your doggo. Therefore, my signature packages are coverage between 2-5hrs. I will on occasion offer eight hour packages on request, these will be limited to maximum 3 per calendar year!


Packages start at $2200 for 2 hours.


Emma Nayler


Sunshine COast Wedding + FAMILY Photographer