Hi, I'm Emma!

12 years ago I photographed my very first wedding. I dove straight in. The only weddings I'd ever experienced before that were my cousin's as a flowergirl at age 5, my parents low-key lounge room vows at 7 and as a bridesmaid for my bestie at 19. It. Was. Incredible. One of my favourite things about taking photos up until that point was snatching that spilt second moment that combined a beautiful portrait with a rush of emotion, laughter, tears or pure joy, visible in this image for eternity. Weddings were just so FULL of those moments.

As a teenager I'd take my little film camera (and my old classical guitar) with me everywhere I went, searching for something special that stood out, sneaking photos of my friends in the middle of a fit of laughter or setting them all up in ridiculous staged poses. Then I'd drop off my film, wait 7 days and rush to the camera shop with unfettered excitement so see how each frame had turned out. I still feel that excitement (despite the lack of delayed gratification that comes with digital imagery) to this very day when I press the shutter button and realise I've just made something really special for someone to cherish.

Since 2007 I have traveled across this beautiful country and overseas as a destination wedding photographer to capture some incredible celebrations and I just couldn't think of a cooler way to see the world! So far I've photographed weddings in Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali, Queenstown NZ, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, Port Douglas, Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay. I would love nothing more than anything to expand my destination wedding portfolio to include some of my bucket list locations like South Africa, Canada, Germany, Iceland, USA, Ireland & Germany!

Some things about me…

... after all, if you're looking for someone who will esssentially spend your whole wedding day with you, it might help know a thing or two about them!

First and foremost, dogs are the best. Mine in particular are especially great. Pepper and Bueno are my babies which makes me a legit crazy dog lady.

I'm married to a pretty cool guy with a stupidly long beard who likes to garden and build things out of wood.

I love cake, going on adventures, pina coladas, interrupting conversations to point out dogs, picnics, listening to true crime podcasts, freshly baked bread, laughing until my stomach hurts and binge watching shows on Netflix (leaving my poor "one episode a week" husband in the dust).

I want to travel the world making my own memories and capturing other peoples!

I know all the words to an impressive portfolio of 90's hip hop and rap songs. Just call me the Fresh Prince.